Hi Cement Rendering is a company located in Sydney that deals with all sorts of rendering. We believe that a beautiful house also needs to be high-quality and that it needs to be invested in regularly. Your home is the most important building in your life, which is why it’s extremely important to devote some attention to it and invest in it regularly.

After all, your home is your shelter from the world. It’s where you feel most comfortable, most private, safe, and where you spend time with the people you love. Whether you realize it or not, your house is where your life, and the lives of your children, are built.

As well as decorating the house to your desire and making sure it’s big enough for your family’s needs, you need to make sure it’s durable and stable. No matter how high-quality you think a house may be, it means nothing without the proper support. The walls are the only thing standing between you and the weather outside. They’re the insulation and the barrier that keeps you safe from the harsh weather conditions of the outside world.

Walls aren’t indestructible, though. Due to the aforementioned conditions and age, walls tend to decay and crack over time. If not restored, repainted, and repaired regularly, they can very easily endanger the lives of all the people living inside. House rendering is one of the most important things you can invest in. It’s the one thing that can prolong the life of your walls and ensure their quality stays nearly identical over time.

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As we’ve already established, house rendering is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your home. If you’re not sure why house rendering is so vital, take a look at all the benefits that come with the process.


Old homes can now easily get their old shine back. This is possible thanks to the amazing process called house rendering. Anyone who lives in an old house knows how important it is to take care of it. As well as that, they know how expensive it is. Instead of investing all that time and money into restoring the beauty of an old home, you can simply choose house rendering.

The renders give the house a new and fresh appeal that can compete with the modern homes fairly easily. In fact, some old homes which have been restored with house rendering sell for more than modern homes on the market simply because of the aesthetics.


Most renders today are pre-coloured before delivery. This means that you won’t have to bother yourself with painting the renders. Instead, you’ll get to choose the colour of the house renders right away. This also gives you the freedom to experiment with the design of your home before purchasing. You can always test the colours against the outer wall of the house and see if you like it or not. This contributes to both beauty and practicality, as you’ll be sure you’re making the right decision before you even make the purchase.

As well as that, you have to be aware that renders are stable in UV light. The harmful UV rays can cause the colour of fabrics and other materials to fade. In normal instances, this would mean that you would have to repaint your home every few years, which is just a huge and unnecessary expense.


Blending different parts of the building together is no longer a problem with house rendering. If you have an older property and want to blend it with a newer addition to your home, now you can. It doesn’t matter that the buildings are styled completely differently as the house rendering will bridge the gap between the styles and give you an amazing finished product.

Not only is this a brilliant solution because it doesn’t limit you to style, but it’s also much cheaper. You won’t have to completely fix one part of the house just so it can match the other, fixing the new or old part. House rendering is a much more budget-friendly option that does the job just as well as a full renovation. Additionally, it can even be said it’s better than a full renovation as it also saves you a lot of time.


House rendering is one of the best things you can do for your house because the renders don’t crack. In other words, house rendering directly improves the quality of your walls and makes your home safer for you and your family. Most high-quality new renders simply don’t crack.

Some renders even have a fibreglass mesh base coat layer. The flexibility allows the material to move with the building. The fact that the render sits on top of the base coat layer means that it’s extremely thin and flexible. This means that there’s no way your renders will crack, especially when these two characteristics are combined.


Finally, since house rendering has become increasingly popular in the last few years, it’s evident that the cost has decreased. No almost anyone who wants to invest in their home can opt for house rendering and give their family the home they deserve.

You won’t have to save a lot to get the high-quality house rendering your home is simply asking for. This is especially true if you opt for a transparent company like ours. We’ll help you set the budget and we’ll stick to it no matter what. The deal we agree on will be the one that’s conducted. This means that there are no hidden costs and that you can expect high-quality results within the budget you set. There’s no need to slash the family budget just so you can afford the renovation.

Let’s not forget that house rendering increases your home’s efficiency. In other words, you won’t have to spend nearly as much money on keeping your home warm or cool as the renders act like an extra layer of insulation.


Even though we might be one of the best companies around, we’re very well aware that we’re not the only ones. No matter what kind of service you might require, you’re going to need a professional that you trust. Choosing where to put your money and being sure that you’ll get the service you paid for and the service you need is not easy.

Just like you, we know that investing in your own home requires the help of professionals you can trust completely. Since we’re only acquaintances for now, take a look below to see why we should become friends and work together.

We’re confident we’ll be able to meet even the highest of your expectations.



When it comes to house rendering, there’s no one more experienced than us. We’ve been in business for years, which means that we’ve seen it all. No matter what kind of rendering service you’re in need of, we’re the right professionals for the job.

Hi Cement Rendering is one of those companies whose work you’d know anywhere even if you don’t know who did it. For years, we’ve been helping Sydney residents improve their homes and their lives by offering the best house rendering services on the market.

We’re sure that we can make something amazing together. As a company who has seen it all, we can proudly say we understand exactly what our client needs and how to give it to them.



Part of being a successful company is also respecting the client and their home or business venue. We know that your property means that world to you and that this is a huge investment for you, which is why we’ll treat it with the utmost respect.

With our house rendering services, there is no mess and no damage to your property. Of course, as messes can’t be entirely avoided due to the nature of the project, our team will clean up after themselves and leave you a clean working space.

As people who genuinely care about their job and your property, you can be sure that our team will do the job as if they were doing it for themselves.



Providing quality house rendering services requires a certain degree of professionalism that most other companies simply lack. Due to our aforementioned experience, we know exactly how to approach the issue you’re faced with. Of course, this means nothing if we’re not professional about it.

You won’t have to guess when our team will show up, how long they’ll be working for, and when the project will be done. Instead, we’ll agree on the date and duration of the project. This way you won’t have to worry about getting on with your life. We’re here to help you and improve your life, not make it harder.