Hi Cement Rendering is a team of skilled and experienced professionals who have been providing house rendering in Shanes Park for more than 12 years. We were established with a mission to use our skills and expertise for good: to aid people in building the best home for their family.

How do we do it? Do we have a proven formula? No, not really.

Over the years, we learned a very important lesson – every client who turns to us has a unique set of wishes and requirements, all of which affect our project proposition. We don’t rely on a cookie-cutter approach but we treat every client equally.

With Hi Cement Rendering, we prefer to start our collaboration by setting up an in-person meeting with our client to find out what their plans are. We also insist on inspecting their home up-close to see whether there is any additional work that needs to be done that a non-professional eye might miss. Only then can we be certain that we have all the information we need to come up with the best solution for your rendering project in Shanes Park. Only after going through this process can we give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of our services.

And what our rendering in Shanes Park entails? Take a look at our list of services below:

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And what our rendering in Shanes Park entails? Take a look at our list of services below:

Approaches to Cement Rendering

Each application is slightly different. Read on to learn how we approach each type of job.

House cement rendering

House cement rendering in Shanes Park is among the most cost-effective investments our clients opt for. Namely, as cement is an extremely durable material, you can rest assured that the work we do today will deliver long-term benefits. It is strong and resilient, which is why we assure you that you won’t have to worry about the cracks in the walls anytime soon.

The best part is - cement rendering is quite affordable. The costs are minimal and the results are lasting and are more than just visually amazing. When we complete house cement rendering in Shanes Park, our clients can count on a range of additional benefits: high levels of comfort and protection from outside elements, as well as a lower energy bill due to excellent insulation.

House cement rendering is also a common choice with homeowners who want to expand their home because this material has the power to successfully mask the transitions in the exterior. All you need is a skilled pair of hands on your side and you won’t have to worry about the additional room or floor destroying the aesthetic.

Rockcote rendering

Early on, Hi Cement rendering realised that rockcote rendering delivers a uniquely attractive design. What makes it so special? Its ability to create durable and resilient surfaces that will keep your house protected from harsh Australian weather conditions. You and your family members will enjoy higher levels of comfort both during the scorching summer months as well as a bit colder winter days.

What is more, rockcote rendering in Shanes Park has become increasingly popular due to the colour’s ability to penetrate the render and result in a textured finish. It is a common choice among homeowners who wish to give their home a more modern look that will make the house stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood. Is this really important? Well, if you are looking to put your house on the market then yes - it is extremely important. Rockcote rendering will surely allow you to ask for a higher price which makes it a great investment prior to the sale.

Acrylic rendering

At Hi Cement Rendering, our main focus is on the quality of the result but we also strive to deliver a visually pleasing outcome. To achieve the highest level of aesthetics, we often propose acrylic rendering to deliver a decorative finish. It represents the best combination of functionality and aesthetics, which is why it is one of the most common choices for clients who want their home to reflect their personal style.

Working with us means that you will get to choose between different grain sizes and decide how smooth the render will be. Owing to the high levels of our team’s expertise, you can expect to see your old home shine again! Investing in acrylic rendering in Shanes Park means that you are getting a more beautiful, comfortable and safe living environment for your family. And if you decide to sell the house, know that acrylic rendering will help increase its market value!

Cement rendering repairs

It comes a time in every building’s lifetime when it needs a few touch-ups to restore its original state. Hi Cement Rendering is a common choice of a provider of cement rendering repairs in Shanes Park. How come? Because our local clients know that we partner with the biggest industry names to make sure that our people are supplied with the finest quality cement. As a result, you can expect your home to glow once again - no more cracks and patches of damaged exterior.

Furthermore, our cement rendering repairs mean greater savings for your family. Looking at it long-term, you will spend much less on heating and cooling because your walls will be provided with an additional layer of insulation that will aid in maintaining an optimal indoor temperature. But to be sure that this is a smart investment, hire Hi Cement Rendering as we offer fair and affordable services. We deliver quality at a low price because that’s precisely what we would want for our own family.

Swimming pool rendering

Choosing to build a swimming pool in your backyard means you are creating your own oasis of peace where you can spend hot Australian summers all on your own. Hi Cement Rendering swimming pool rendering services come with a trained team of rendering experts who will take the necessary steps to build a pool that will be both appealing and functional. We make sure that it is properly cemented and waterproof, and we always perform the functionality testing after the project is finished to make sure that everything is complete with the highest degree of excellence. Our swimming pool rendering in Shanes Park also includes consultations with one of our staff members - we will explain how to best take care of the new swimming pool and prolong its lifetime.

Bathroom rendering

Thinking about upgrading your old bathroom? Hi Cement Rendering professionals offer bathroom rendering in Shanes Park that will aid you in improving both the quality and visual appeal of the space. We have been working on bathroom rendering projects for so many years that we came to realise which aspects need to be specially addressed. Our solutions are focused on building a bathroom that will maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, especially during the Aussie winter.

At the same time, we will strive to create a breathable environment that will allow the moisture to leave the room since excess air can cause damage to the walls over time. But it is not just about preventing the appearance of wet patches because they are not pleasing to the eye - these represent a perfect environment for the creation of mould and bacteria, something you don’t want your family exposed to. Hi Cement Rendering team has experience dealing with such matters and will surely propose the best solution to minimise or completely prevent their occurrence.


Please note: We know that there is nothing more frustrating than contacting a trades company only to realise that they do not service your area. Although we are not located in Shanes Park, we will gladly service the area which is why we created this page.



When it comes to house rendering, there’s no one more experienced than us. We’ve been in business for years, which means that we’ve seen it all. No matter what kind of house rendering service you’re in need of, we’re the right professionals for the job.

Hi Cement Rendering is one of those companies whose work you’d know anywhere even if you don’t know who did it. For years, we’ve been helping residents improve their homes and their lives by offering the best house rendering services.

We’re sure that we can make something amazing together!



Part of being a successful company is also respecting the client and their home or business venue. We know that your property means the world to you and that this is a huge investment, which is why we’ll treat it with the utmost respect.

With our house rendering services, there is no mess and no damage to your property. Of course, as messes can’t be entirely avoided due to the nature of the project, our team will clean up after themselves and leave you a clean working space.

Be sure that our team will do the work as if they were doing it for their own homes.



Providing quality house rendering services requires a certain degree of professionalism that most other companies simply lack. Due to our aforementioned experience, we know exactly how to approach the issue you’re faced with. Of course, this means nothing if we’re not professional about it.

You won’t have to guess when our team will show up, how long they’ll be working, and when the project will be done. Instead, we’ll agree on the date and duration of the project and stick to it. This way you won’t have to worry about getting on with your regular schedule. We’re here to help you and improve your life, not make it harder.