Cement Rendering Sydney

Among many other services and products, Hi Cement Rendering is proud to say we offer high-quality cement renders for all your needs. In our years of experience, the cement render has proven to be one of the best choices for the common family home.

The cement render effectively protects the home from the weather conditions, prolongs the life of the walls, and increases the home’s aesthetic appeal. It’s also very cost-effective, thus further proving its place among the most popular types of renders there are.


Quality: the first thing that sets the cement render away from the rest of the rendering is the quality and durability of the material. You don’t have to be in the construction business to know that cement is one of the strongest and most durable materials out there. When dried up, cement simply becomes unchangeable. This means that you’ll never have to worry about your walls cracking of decaying again.

Resilience: with the quality and durability comes the superior resilience of the cement render. What this means for you is that the cement render will be much more effective in keeping your home safe from the harsh outdoor elements. As the material is very strong, it definitely adds protection to your home. As well as that, the cement render is able to cover up any existing flaws and cracks that your home may have.

Cost-effectiveness: The pleasure of adding a cement render to your home won’t cost you too much. In fact, this is a rather cost-effective choice for those living in Sydney. Combined with the superior durability of the material, it’s no wonder that the cement render is so popular. If you have a family home and you’re looking for safety and quality over everything else while not wanting to spend much money, the cement render is the right choice for you.

Efficiency: Anyone who’s ever owned a house in their lives knows how expensive taking care of one is. One of the biggest home expenses people experience is definitely maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year. Australian weather is nothing but mean, hence why there are so many options today to minimize its harsh effects.

Constantly racking up the heating and cooling bill is no longer any sort of option, though. The cement render acts as an extra layer of protection and keeps your home more efficient. This means that less heat and cool air will escape through the walls of your home, making the house that much more efficient.

Added value: The exterior finish of a home is as important as everything else. The cement render adds a lot of value to any house, regardless of its size. Not only will your home look more attractive, but it will also be more expensive. This fact doesn’t have to mean anything to you, but if you ever decide to sell or rent the house, you’ll get a much better price for it. As well as that, let’s face it- we all like knowing we live in a luxurious a worthwhile property.

Blending: One of the many uses and benefits of the cement render is that the material allows you to freely blend two parts of the building together. In other words, you get to add a new part of the house to the old one without worrying about how that will affect the aesthetic properties of your home. The cement render can bring together many styles and parts of the house of different ages. There’s no more difference between the old and the new, as they go together extremely well. This might be the more convenient option for making your home beautiful and joining two parts together. The alternative of the cement render is renovating a part of a house completely so it matches another. Not only is this costly, but it’s also very messy and will take a long time. With the cement render, you get results much more quickly at a much lower price.

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If you’re not sure what kind of service your home needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can simply explain what you want to us and give us the specifics of your home. This way, we can easily determine what kind of service you need and make sure that the right job is being done. Of course, our team may also inspect your property in order to make sure the architectural rendering services we offer are suitable for your home.


As we’ve already established, house rendering is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your home. If you’re not sure why house rendering is so vital, take a look at all the benefits that come with the process.


Even though we might be one of the best companies around, we’re very well aware that we’re not the only ones. No matter what kind of service you might require, you’re going to need a professional that you trust. Choosing where to put your money and being sure that you’ll get the service you paid for and the service you need is not easy.

Just like you, we know that investing in your own home requires the help of professionals you can trust completely. Since we’re only acquaintances for now, take a look below to see why we should become friends and work together.

We’re confident we’ll be able to meet even the highest of your expectations.



When it comes to house rendering, there’s no one more experienced than us. We’ve been in business for years, which means that we’ve seen it all. No matter what kind of rendering service you’re in need of, we’re the right professionals for the job.

Hi Cement Rendering is one of those companies whose work you’d know anywhere even if you don’t know who did it. For years, we’ve been helping Sydney residents improve their homes and their lives by offering the best house rendering services on the market.

We’re sure that we can make something amazing together. As a company who has seen it all, we can proudly say we understand exactly what our client needs and how to give it to them.



Part of being a successful company is also respecting the client and their home or business venue. We know that your property means that world to you and that this is a huge investment for you, which is why we’ll treat it with the utmost respect.

With our house rendering services, there is no mess and no damage to your property. Of course, as messes can’t be entirely avoided due to the nature of the project, our team will clean up after themselves and leave you a clean working space.

As people who genuinely care about their job and your property, you can be sure that our team will do the job as if they were doing it for themselves.



Providing quality house rendering services requires a certain degree of professionalism that most other companies simply lack. Due to our aforementioned experience, we know exactly how to approach the issue you’re faced with. Of course, this means nothing if we’re not professional about it.

You won’t have to guess when our team will show up, how long they’ll be working for, and when the project will be done. Instead, we’ll agree on the date and duration of the project. This way you won’t have to worry about getting on with your life. We’re here to help you and improve your life, not make it harder.


The simple truth is that if you don’t like your job, you’re not going to have much success. With that said, you can see why Hi Cement Rendering is so successful. Our team is more than happy to work with you and for you. This isn’t just a way for them to earn a living. It’s also a passion and something they truly enjoy.

With love and devotion come hard work and great results. Our team always has the motivation and the energy to efficiently finish any job they started, regardless of how big it is. As well as that, they understand that you and your home have unique needs, which is why no two projects are ever the same.